27 September 2012

Mothers' Group

Every Wednesday we go to Mothers' Group. Most of us have been meeting together every week since March 2009. It's such a great group - kids and Mums!
Here is David with Klara and Davis. They are quite a threesome! We often imagine similar photos when they're teenagers...

And this is preparing for the big group shot. David's just sorting out some of the girls...

There are meant to be a whole lot more pictures here (including the group one) but blogger won't let me put up any more. Will keep trying...
(...and now I've given up.)

21 May 2012

Healesville Sanctuary

David's kinder was closed for a staff development day, so we invited Grandma & Grandpa to come with us to Healesville Sanctuary. We had such a great day there. Here are some of the highlights...

How cute are these zebra finches, all snuggling each other! 
 Feeding the black cockatoo. David loved it but didn't want it on his arm!
 And was even less sure about the emu! (Fair enough!)
 The wombats were very active. Here they're fighting over some carrot.
 And the Tasmanian Devil was awake!
 This is David's photo of Grandma while we were waiting for the show in the flight arena.
 The resident wedge-tailed eagle nervously scanning the sky for the wild wedge-tailed eagle that swooped at this point in the show!
 After the show David was very keen to go and chat to the presenter...
 ...who was equally keen to chat with David!

13 May 2012

Are you there???

I'm not sure if anyone looks at my blog anymore. If you do, please comment on this post so that I know someone is there! Thanks!


We had an amazing morning at Questacon in Canberra. David LOVED it and could have stayed all day! We went with Kate, Caleb and Reuben.

5 April 2012


David has finished his 1st term at Kookaburra Kindergarten. Mostly he has loved it. And from day 1 there haven't been any tears at drop-off time, much to my delight!
In the last week of term David had the honour of bringing home Kooka, the Kinder 'mascot'. Here he is introducing Kooka to his other "soft friends." (David's rather fond of soft friends!)

3 February 2012

13 January 2012

Family Christmas

We all gathered at Mum and Dad's for Christmas lunch (and presents!) This first picture shows some of us playing "Pass the shell", David's very favourite party game. He is guessing whose hand holds the shell...

And here is David kissing his new felt sheep. Thank you Grandma!
Benjamin receiving our gift (and recording it??) with Megan.
Mum with her beautiful Winchester print.
Dad opening...