22 September 2010

Chiang Mai

Hi from Chiang Mai!
I'm not up to putting photos on yet (though I'm taking plenty!) but wanted to let you all know that we're having a FABULOUS time! It's so good to be back here. It feels like home in so many ways. I've reconnected with lots of friends and revisited lots of my favourite places.
Dad, Seren, David and I all stayed a night in Victor's village, and D, D and I spent another day there also. They were so happy to meet Victor. I felt so welcomed too - as family - and have had some very good conversations with Victor's family.

We're off to the Night Bazaar soon. I have a long shopping list! It's fun being a tourist here for a bit.

We're off to London next Tuesday (to see some of you! Yay!) and I will put photos up then.
Until then...