16 May 2010

guitarists jamming

We're just back from our church camp near Riddell's Creek.
The focus of the camp was Music and there was lots of singing and playing time. Here are some of the guitarists playing together on 3 different guitars...

13 May 2010

David's 1st footy game!

Last Saturday we went to Etihad Stadium for David's 1st ever game of AFL. At first he was completely overwhelmed by the crowd, the size of the stadium, the noise...
...but pretty quickly he was joining in with the cheering and arm waving, and the "oh no!" with hand on head!
In the car on the way home David continued with the sounds of the crowd... "no, no, no...yeah!" He's such a good mimic!
The final score was disappointing but it was a great game and David loved it. He'll be back!

5 May 2010