30 January 2010

Zoo 2

As you can probably tell, I'm not very clever at the layout on these blog posts. I'm yet to figure out how to have more than 5 photos per post. And getting the placement of words and pictures right seems to be beyond me.
But here are some more photos from our zoo trip on Thursday:

David in the butterfly house. (More interested in eating leaves than looking at the butterflies!)
The otters.
Enjoying the giraffes from up high...
...and the swamphens.
David thought they were fantastic because they came
right up close at morning tea time.
Benjamin in the butterfly house.

29 January 2010

The Zoo

We had a wonderful day at Melbourne Zoo.

David's favourite thing at the zoo is the vegetation - beautiful trees, bamboo forests, flowers and bushes.

His next favourite thing is all the people, and especially the children. There were lots of families there making the most of the last week of school holidays.

And his next favourite thing is, of course, the animals!

This time David got most excited by the TIGER!

Mum loved the seals - they swim with such joy.

And of course we both enjoyed time with Seren and the Adys. It's nice to all live in the same city!

27 January 2010


On his way to Mothers' Group on the tram, clutching a dandelion.

David is changing every day. Some of his latest tricks are: stacking all the bath cups together, posting shapes through their holes in his posting toys, mimicking the "aargh, aargh, aaaaaarghhh" of the crows, holding two things in one hand...
He's not yet walking but stands confidently and cruises speedily around the furniture.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo with the Adys and Seren.

Right now he's howling at the injustice of being put to bed...