27 April 2010

Close encounters

Yesterday we had another lovely day at the Zoo. David is getting more and more interested in the animals with each visit.As always he loves the many birds - seagulls, sparrows, pigeons and peacocks that roam and fly free.
This time he got up close to the glass to watch the seals swimming...
...and the tiger came up close to watch us! It was amazing! He was pacing back and forth at the glass and several times stopped to look David in the eye!
David enjoyed the stingrays...
...and had another close encounter with the gibbon! We had a long chat with this fellow. The black gibbon was in the background shrieking the whole time!
Thanks again to Grandma for such a great birthday gift - the year pass to Melbourne Zoo.

14 April 2010


David and I frequently walk the few blocks from our house to the end of the tram line to watch the trams. David loves them. You can see him waving to some kids on the tram.

The weather has just taken a cold turn so yesterday we had to rug up before we set off. David got to try out his new beanie.

A new cafe has just opened up (painted red - you can see it in the first picture) and yesterday we popped in for a cuppa and a play after our trainspotting. Actually, you can see the trams from inside the cafe too. It keeps us both happy!

I've waited a long time to see this...

8 April 2010

Easter Craft

I'm a bit behind in my blogging, but this is David's first ever craft creation!
He made this Easter basket at playgroup.
He was very pleased with it - especially the shredded paper, which he likes to eat.