11 August 2008

Our baby

Last week we had the 20-week ultrasound for our baby. What an amazing experience!
He was sleeping this time, so not as active as at 14 weeks, though his little heart was keeping busy and he was swallowing lots.

Yes, it's a boy! At least the doctor was "100% sure". I'm always conscious that Megan was told her first baby was a boy - then Eowyn arrived! - so I'm still reserving a little bit of doubt.
We looked at baby's brain, kidneys, liver, stomach, bladder. We counted his fingers. We looked closely at his heart and saw the 4 chambers and no holes in any walls, and the aorta as it should be. We looked lots at his face - I think he looks like Victor, though his nose is longer!

I wish we could put a picture here. Actually, we have the whole ultrasound on dvd, so some of you will get to see it ... at some stage!

He is starting to be very active and I love it! It makes his presence so much more real.