25 June 2010

18 months today!

My delightful boy is 18 months old! He's very much the toddler now, always busy, chatting away, making friends.

Here are some pictures of him today...

11 June 2010

Werribee Open Plains Zoo

It's 3 weeks now since we went to Werribee Zoo and I've only just got around to posting these pictures!

It's an amazing zoo. We did a bus tour around the largest part, then a walking trail as well.

David loved the meerkats! (Don't we all!)
He ran up and down as they did. We saw them being fed too.
The African area of the bus tour is the biggest - more than twice the size of Melbourne Zoo! We drove onto this plain just as they intorduced 2 ostriches for the first time in ages. So all the other animals were terrified! As we arrived we could see the giraffes all running - so gracefully. They saw the ostriches first. Then the zebra and antelopes came tearing past us. Eventually they all stopped running, but most animals didn't take their eyes off the ostriches the whole time. We ended up feeling quite sorry for them!
Watching the giraffes, watching the ostriches...