18 September 2008

Auntie Nancie's visit

It's nearly a month since Auntie Nancie visited us. It was a wonderful 4-day visit. These are some of her photos...

On the balcony at our house with our magnificent view. (I should say "one of our magnificent views", for we have several.)
And this was on our visit to Victor's family in his village. From L-R: nephew Nat, nephew Cross, Me, A Nancie, Ranee, niece New, New's son, nephew Deewa, Roman.
(New and Deewa are brother and sister of James who was Victor's groomsman.)
And this is the waterfall close to Victor's village. I put this in for those of you asking for bump photos!

Auntie Nancie

Sankampaeng Hot Springs with Dad

It's a couple of weeks now since we took Dad to the Sankampaeng Hot Springs. We had a wonderfully relaxing day there. The gardens are beautiful and butterfly-filled as always.

Dad boiled his eggs in the 105 degree C spring water.

And this shot is actually later, at the airport farewelling Dad. Victor's Dad came too - a real honour as not much gets him to leave his village, let alone come all the way to the city.

17 September 2008

We're back!

We have a new computer! (Huge thanks to our very generous and anonymous friends...)
So now all those photos that have been collecting on our camera can finally be viewed. It's a bit hard to know where to begin so I'll start with the most recent photos taken and then work backwards a bit as I have time.

We were given this great car seat and Khaw has discovered it's a great place to sleep. So Victor's getting some practice.

And our frangipanis are in beautiful flower. We have 3 white frangipani trees which Victor saved from pruning being done at the hospital. All the trees have taken well and 2 are now in flower.

4 September 2008

Dad's visit

We've just had Dad staying with us for a week. It was lovely to have him here and to have the opportunity to share our life in Chiang Mai with him.
He came with me to my work at Sunshine House, to my church and bible study, to Spaghetti Dinner. He visited my favourite coffee shop, my favourite Italian restaurant, my internet shop (where I'm sitting right now.)
And we did a fair smattering of tourist activities: the elephant camp, the hot springs, Doi Suthep (the big mountain next to Chiang Mai).
And we had lots of time in our home looking at photos, chatting, touring 'the estate' and eating yummy Victor-cooked meals.
I love having family here. It reconnects me with much of myself that gets faded at other times.