30 November 2008

My bump

As requested, here is a picture of my bump at 37 weeks (in the beautiful pink glow of a farm sunset).
He is very big and very active. We're both ready for him to come out...

22 November 2008

My birthday

Here are some pictures from my lovely birthday lunch. Seren came up, bringing beautiful tulips and scrummy homemade pasta for our feast.
Dessert was apricot crumble and ice-cream. YUM!

And all finished off with Mum's famous chocolate birthday cake!
It was great to celebrate with family... though Victor was missed. (He's got his visa now so he'll be here soon...)

17 November 2008

More Family

On the morning after the funeral I went with Dad, A Lucy, A Nancie and Mum to a cafe in Petersham near A Lucy's house. It was beautiful to see the three siblings so comfortable together after the end of a long and difficult week.I was struck on this visit by what a beautiful city Sydney is with the trees and water and sunshine. The walk back to A Lucy's house was no exception.
And it was the perfect time of year to enjoy the beautiful jacaranda trees in flower. They're amazing...

16 November 2008


On Friday, 7th November my Grandad died. He was 96 years old and there was enough warning for my Dad, Dad's sisters, and others to have time with him to say good bye.

I flew up to Sydney, with Mum, for the funeral, which was on Wednesday. All my cousins on Dad's side were there. Apart from Kathy (who visited me last month in Chiang Mai) I hadn't seen any of my cousins for nearly 2 years, so it was quite a wonderful reunion day for me.

Here are some of us at the lunch following the funeral. (Many thanks to Anna for taking such great photos.):

April...Ben & Sascha...

Bec and me... Tom...

10 November 2008

Tom visits

We've just had Tom in Melbourne for the weekend which was really lovely. Lots of sitting and talking over cups of tea. And three Jones siblings all together in the one place!

I completely forgot to take any photos while Tom was here, so instead I'm adding the poster of the movie we went to see together. Mum, Tom, Seren and I had dinner together on Lygon St and then (minus Seren) saw "Burn After Reading". Good fun but a bit disappointing. (The movie, that is. The company was great!)

7 November 2008