25 April 2009

4 months (by Rachel)

My dear little boy is 4 months old today.
This 4th month has been the hardest for me. At 3 months I described him as a happy boy who ate and slept well. These days he is a not so happy boy who doesn't sleep much (certainly not "through" the night) and has all sorts of trouble eating. This is quite discouraging for me, not least because of the sense of going backwards. I realise that many mothers struggle with these things and am doing my best to see the early months as bonus blessing, and now as 'normal' motherhood.
I took David to a paediatrician this week and discovered he has reflux. It's good to have an explanation for all the difficulty eating, sleeping and for the pain. Now the challenge of making life easier for him.
He is a very dear boy and I'm amazed that my love for him keeps growing. His smiles are delightful and his giggles gorgeous! I think I appreciate them more now that they are rarer. He loves to chatter, and enjoys using his hands to grab things and pull them to his mouth (especially Mum's fingers).

No pictures this time, but I'll keep them coming as I can.

23 April 2009

...and a BBQ

After the Thanksgiving Service we had a BBQ in our great new house. It was a great day for it and lots of fun.
It was good to celebrate with the people of St Marks, who have been so kind to us in helping us move into our new home.
Victor's work in the garden was on show. (As were the chooks - they were a real hit.)


On Sunday we had a Thanksgiving Service at church for our dear boy. We are very thankful to God for his life and for letting us be his Mum and Dad.
David found the whole experience very relaxing...
It was wonderful to share the day with family here in Melbourne (though we missed our family in Thailand, England and USA).

11 April 2009

David and Mum

Easter Saturday

It's a lovely sunny day here in Reservoir and David and I have just returned from a huge walk discovering new parts of our neighbourhood. (Actually, David slept for most of the walk...)

This morning we had some new arrivals to our family. On the left is Barabas, on the right is Pontius. The central chook is possibly Henneth.
This shot is from the bottom of our garden. David is lying on the grass in front of the chook pen. The chooks are inside their house, close to our house. Victor is eating fried rice under the clothesline. The beginning of the vegie garden is in front.
This shot is looking up our hallway from the back. First on the left is David's room, 2nd is our room. David sleeps with us, but all his gear is in his room.

Victor cooking up a storm in the kitchen...
From the back door looking through the small utility room, the kitchen, dining, then lounge rooms, and out to the front garden.
Come and visit some time and have a look for yourself!

4 April 2009

Some of our neighbours