19 April 2011

David loves videos

David's 1st photo!

David took his first photo today. (First entirely unaided, that is.) I was taking photos of my garden and David was very insistent that he be allowed to take some too. It turned into a photography lesson as I showed him which button to press, how to press it, how to check that what he wanted was in the viewfinder, etc. He has his father's amazing knack of being able to do things just after watching someone else do them. And it turns out he's quite the artiste...

This is his first shot:

Getting better!
Enjoying himself! (I took that one!)

As he discovered his artistic side there was no stopping him. He told me to lie down on the grass for this one. (Again I took it, but the concept was his!)

And this is all his own work. He told me where to stand, told me to put the camera case on the ground on the other side of the lime tree, backed himself across the lawn, lined it up and shot! He was so funny to watch, especially leaning back to get the camera to come up high enough to see me in the picture!

At one point he wanted a video. I'll try to post that too, but often have trouble with videos so we'll see how we go...

1 April 2011

Yesterday's purchase

(And all going well so far!)