12 January 2011

1st visit to the village (finally!)

It's a few months ago now, but I promised to post some pictures of David's 1st visit to his family in Chiang Mai. So here are some from our first visit (with Seren and Dad also), when we stayed overnight.

Moments after arriving, David meeting his grandparents for the first time...
David with his grandfathers.
All the family together - David with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, mother, and one 1st-cousin-once-removed (his cousin's son)!
Leaving, shattered after so much excitement!

8 January 2011

3 Zoos in 3 days!

We've just had a lovely 3 days with Barbara visiting. We decided to visit one of Melbourne's Zoos on each day...

DAY 1: Melbourne Zoo
Highlight: Seeing the baby orangutan - the first day the mother had brought her into the viewing area. Such a treat!
As soon as we mentioned going to the Zoo David began talking about the lions. He was quiet disappointed that they were all just "sleeping"! The lions looked pretty happy about that though.
DAY 2: Healesville Sanctuary
Highlight: For me it was the amazingly beautiful bush setting.
David was not very well this day. It didn't help that he spent the whole day wanting to see the lions, who he was sure were "waking" now. (Healesville Sanctuary is for native animals only.)
He was also keen to see the kangaroos, but no "boing, boing" to be seen.
DAY 3: Werribee Open Range Zoo
Highlight: A close encounter...
Werribee has a great bus tour viewing bison, camels, hippos, adax (and getting to hold the horn of a poor adax who lost it in a fight), zebra, giraffe, rhinos, ostriches...
...and then a walking tour where David finally got up close with a "waking" lion!
He also had great fun with the water sprinklers near the hippos.
At the end of the 3rd day we picked up Jacob from the airport and had some time with him before he and Barbara headed off for Tasmania.
David was very glad to have time with Jacob.
Thanks for coming Barb. We had a wonderful time!

1 January 2011

Christmas Eve