11 January 2008

Visiting Victor's parents (end of Oct)

These are some pictures from our visit to Victor's village when Auntie Lucy was here. It was also Bee's last day in Chiang Mai before she returned to Australia so she came with us.
Ranee gave A Lucy the beautiful cloth she's holding. Ranee made it herself.
This is in the kitchen of Victor's parents' house. It was built a couple of years ago when they cement-blocked in the understorey of a wooden house-on-stilts.
James (Victor's nephew), Victor, Roman, Rachel, Bee and Ranee.

Isn't this beautiful? You can see where Victor gets his smile from!

Goodbye Dum

Here is our dear little Dum (meaning 'Black') who came to us at the beginning of November and who died the week before Christmas.
He was such a dear little kitten, very playful and loved cuddles. Sue Blackmore loved him - he was quite new to us when she came.

He also loved Khaw but Khaw didn't return the affection (in this picture is as close as they ever got). This didn't stop Dum trying to play...
His tail did a kinky u-turn at the end - you can almost see it in the feeding shot.