25 June 2009

6 months

19 June 2009


I'm sitting in our loungeroom with David asleep in my arms. Someone is working in our bedroom closing the gap between the floor and the wall that was left when the carpets were taken up. We could see through to outside, and feel the 3 degree air through as well when we're up for night feeds. (I've had a quote for roof insulation today, too. We have none!)

I haven't made it to my blog for weeks. Life has become a blur again with David feeding every 3 hours through the night. Sometimes we get a 3-4 hr stretch of sleep there somewhere, but mostly not. The problem is his reflux, which is as bad as ever (worse?) and makes feeding very difficult at times. This has affected his weight gain (only 60g in a month) so the night feeds are a necessary evil for now. They make life pretty difficult though.

We seem to have solved the blood in the poo problem. It seems David was reacting to dairy protein from my diet. So I'm off all dairy now. That's not much fun either.

Having said all that, David is delightful. He is such a happy boy and loves life (when he's not in pain from the reflux). He is so alert and interested in everything. And he is SITTING UP!! I have some lovely pictures that I'll share when I get the chance. He is so pleased with himself! He loves to sit and play with his toys.

He loves books. (Maisy is his current favourite.) He leans forward to look at the pictures and strokes the page. Sometimes he even gives it a sloppy kiss. He loves meeting new people and flashing winning smiles. He loves our chooks. He loves action song - especially "Twinkle, Twinkle." He loves his bath and squeals with delight when he hears the water running. He still loves his elephant mobile. He loves being outside, going on the bus, or just to the letterbox. He loves church and the communal singing and speaking. He loves Tigger, who is staying with us while Grandma and Grandpa are away. He loves seeing people speaking on the TV (especially Kevin Rudd.) He loves his toys - the blue car with the red wheels, the dog in Grandma's car, the stacking rings, the new Lego airplane, the caterpillar, cow-who-jumps-over-the-moon, crab, monkey, lion, etc, etc!

He loves his Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Seren, and can't wait for them all to come back from their holidays.
And he loves all his other aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents and looks forward to meeting them all!

Sorry for so much text without pictures. But I'm so glad to have finally posted something.