28 February 2009

25 February 2009

2 months

David is 2 months old today. It seems incredible to be counting in months now, rather than weeks or even days as we used to. He is such a beautiful boy who loves life and delights us all. Here are some shots from his early morning time (after his big sleep and big feed...)

Good morning to Grandma...
...having a chat with his turtle (he's really starting to love having little friends to 'talk' with)...
...and watching Arsenal with Dad!

Uncle Tom

On Saturday we had a brief but wonderful visit from Tom. (He was in Sydney with work.)
It was David's first meeting with an uncle! He loved meeting Uncle Tom...

...and he loves the blue car Uncle Tom gave him. (He especially loves to look at the red wheels.)
Victor cooked a delicious Thai/Karen lunch for us all.

David was surrounded by family: Mum, Dad, Grandma,Grandpa, Aunt Seren and Uncle Tom!

We went for a walk around Broady. Back home the paparazzi showed up...
It was a great day for us all. Come again Uncle Tom!

12 February 2009

I love my Dad

for cousin Zach

Hi, Zach.
I loved looking at the video of you playing the guitar with your Dad.
Guess what... my Dad plays the guitar too!
I'm not clever like you yet, but I love to listen to my Dad. I can't wait to play the guitar with him!

10 February 2009

David's bouncinet

David is very impressed with cousin Roo's self-propelled bouncing. David still needs some help from his Dad. (He finds it very relaxing...)

7 February 2009

My elephants!

David's elephant mobile is absolutely his favourite thing at the moment. It hangs above his change table and he just loves to look at it, especially when there's a breeze blowing it to make the elephants dance.
David smiles at them and coos to them, and waves his arms and kicks his legs.
I am becoming quite jealous of them! He is so devoted!

Thank you so much to Trevor and Heather in Chiang Mai for this wonderful gift!

5 February 2009

Foot print

Thank you Uncle Tom, Aunty Anita, Cousins Eddie, Seb and Roo for my great "Little Prints" kit.

Today Mummy helped me make an impression of my foot prints.

It was a bit stickier than we expected,

but I thought it was great fun!

6 weeks old

David is 6 weeks old today!
He's learnt so much in these 6 weeks. He now smiles and gurgles with us.
He loves looking around, especially at his family, his elephants, the Britannicas, and the pelmets.
He's put on lots of weight and is quite a chubby bunny.
He's still a good sleeper and has just done 2 nights running of 8 hour sleeps! (hopefully this is the new pattern here to stay!)

4 February 2009

His voice

David has discovered his voice!
He gets great pleasure from 'chatting' with Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.
Or even with his favourite elephant mobile.

This is just a mini-sample...