8 October 2007

Here are the rice fields next to my school. Two of the photos were taken 7 weeks ago when they had just planted the rice.
Now it's all lush and green. It's so beautiful, especially on a day like today when the air is clear from the rain last night.

I can write in Thai!!

I've just finished my Thai lesson. Here is my work from today.
Are you impressed? (I am!)

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

Last month John and Michelle Bell (from Wauchope) came to visit us here in Chiang Mai. It was really great to see them and have some Australian company for a couple of days!
We took them to the Mae Sa Elephant Camp, north of Chiang Mai. It's one of my favourite places (and when you come to visit us we can get you in for free!)

The highlight of the visit is the elephant show where you get to see the elephants parading...

...playing soccer...
and much more! (come and you will see...)
The mahouts are mostly Karen (and therefore mostly Victor's cousins.) It's one mahout and one elephant for life. Their relationship is beautiful.

More of the elephant camp...

Here are some pictures of us after the show posing with the elephants. They are so gorgeous.

And this is all the paintings that were done during our show, all set up for sale.

Finally, the elephants bathing in the river. Aren't they beautiful?! They obviously love bathing.