27 January 2009

Little Bomber

On Australia Day Grandpa took David (and his parents) to Windy Hill to watch the Bombers training session.

David had a great time.

Dad explained the training to him.

And he listened to coach Matthew Knights promise good things for 2009.

David's 1 month party

On Sunday we had a party at Seren's house to celebrate one month of David's life.Here little David is with another David (who was the one who had the idea for the party and who provided the wonderful lunch. Thank you David!)

David had a wonderful time with his family and friends.

The champagne toast in David's honour.
Here David is being held by Elvira, Aunt Seren's friend, who is on her way to becoming a midwife. She'll be great!

24 January 2009

Finally caught on camera!

It's not a big smile but it's the first I've caught on video.
He seems to know that's what I wanted because he turns to smile at the camera rather than at me!
Or perhaps he's not smiling at the camera but at YOU!

22 January 2009

Maternal and Child Health visit

We've just come back from our 4 week visit to the Maternal and Child Health Care Centre. It's only a 10 minute walk from here but we nearly got blown away today - there's such a strong northerly wind blowing!
David enjoyed his visit this time. And I was very proud of him...
...look at that weight gain! The nurse praised me but all credit must go to David. He has known how to feed since the moment he was born!
He fell asleep on the way home and is still sleeping in the stroller, so I was able to share this good news with you all immediately.

4 weeks old

20 January 2009

David and Dad

This is a few days ago now, but it shows you one of David's favourite activities: listening to Dad playing the piano and singing. David just gazes up with such adoration. Beautiful boy.

18 January 2009

18th Jan 09

We've finally got the internet again after more than a week without. So here is an update on our little boy...

This is early this morning - David and I have a lovely time each morning singing, reading stories, and SMILING!
That lovely drunken doze after a good feed...

At church this morning. This week David slept through almost the whole service. The last 2 weeks he's been awake the whole time.
David is quite a hit at church and this morning was passed around to lots of admirers.

7 January 2009

A lion for Coco!

Coco, look who I found! He even has a real mane! (and fierce looking teeth...)

Today we tried out the Baby Bjorn we were given.

Victor took David around the corner to post a letter (registering his birth).

David wasn't very sure about the whole idea...

Bye Mum...

Back again...

Aaaah... that was lovely!

Aunty Seren

Yesterday my Aunty Seren came to visit me. We went out into the garden because it was a lovely warm afternoon.
I love my Aunty Seren. Look at how relaxed she makes me feel?

5 January 2009

Around the home

Having a nap with Dad
The feeding chair. Little David is getting to love the familiarity of this spot.
Helping Grandma prepare the Saturday roast lamb.
You would never know that a week before Victor had never changed a nappy. Now he's a pro!
Chatting with Grandma (and admiring her French lady) while wearing the jumper she knitted (very handy in this cold Melbourne January!)

10 days old

4 January 2009

In the hospital

Here are some pictures from our time in the hospital.

Our dear boy with his feeding tube (which he only had for a couple of days) and his claw (which he had the whole time.)
Having his antibiotics put in through his "claw" drip. This happened 4 times a day and when they did it slowly and gently he could sleep through it.
Talking with Grandpa (whose head was red from his day at the MCG for the Boxing Day cricket!) and Dad.Listening to Grandma singing.Sleeping peacefully with one of his favourite comforters - fingers in the mouth.

First bath

On January 1st little David decided it was time for a fresh start. So he had his first bath.
He was a bit unsure about it at first.
But by the time it was over he decided he loved it! Here you can see he is saying "thank you, Mummy. Let's do that again some time!"

All clean!

1 January 2009

One week old

Here is my dear little Christmas angel, one week old today. I woke before him so I quickly took this photo to post before he wakes and I have to feed him.
I have SO many photos I want to share with you of the past week. We only got home on Tuesday. I'll get to them as I can.

It's so funny looking at my last blog post and thinking that was David in that bump! I didn't know who it was at the time.
He's the most lovely boy in all the world.