10 December 2008

Competition time...

Time to place your bets...
Bump's arrival date?
Bump's arrival weight?
Prizes for the closest answers.

Seren's graduation

On Friday evening we had the great pleasure of attending Seren's graduation from Nursing at Melbourne University. She's worked so hard for the last 2 years so it was very exciting to celebrate this end!Before the ceremony, with A Lucy (who came down from Sydney) and with a very proud Mum and Dad.
Afterwards Nurse Seren had a word with her nephew about her achievement.We celebrated afterwards at a great Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant and some other of Seren's friends.
I have a great video of Seren receiving her degree but after spending an hour trying to share it with you I have given up and settled on these stills. Sorry.

1 December 2008

A day at the farm

Last week I drove with Mum and Dad to the farm. We left Melbourne on Thursday afternoon and left the farm at 6am Saturday so we only really had one day there. But what a wonderful day. I woke early and enjoyed the early morning light...So did Tigger... (He loved being there so much! Lots of prowling through the grass and digging and sniffing.)
Then it rained for most of the day. The area is still badly drought affected so the rain was wonderful.
And in the evening the sun broke through on the horizon to give that beautiful red light, even as the rain was still falling.
There's no place like it.