13 January 2012

Family Christmas

We all gathered at Mum and Dad's for Christmas lunch (and presents!) This first picture shows some of us playing "Pass the shell", David's very favourite party game. He is guessing whose hand holds the shell...

And here is David kissing his new felt sheep. Thank you Grandma!
Benjamin receiving our gift (and recording it??) with Megan.
Mum with her beautiful Winchester print.
Dad opening...

11 January 2012

Christmas morning (PG rating for this post.)

David was very pleased with his stocking, especially when he realised he could open all the presents himself!
As he was opening them he asked me "Are these from Santa?"
I responded enthusiastically, "Yes!"
David looked at me and asked "Are you Santa?"

10 January 2012

David's 3rd birthday

David is 3!!
We had a lovely (little) party for him on the morning of his birthday.
Here he is showing off one of his many new engines.
(How many other Thomas-themed presents can you see?!)
And here his new digger is helping him open a card.
(The digger didn't leave his side for a week, at least!)
Seren joined us on speaker phone (from Perth).
"I'm 3!"
Sharing the snacks with Grandma and Grandpa.