29 May 2008

The Farm

How wonderful to visit the farm. It's such an amazing place. Being there I felt that it is the real world and that everything and everywhere else is the distraction. Such complete peace.

This is the tree I planted when I was about 8. I remember being amazed the first visit when the tree was taller than me. Now it's a huge grove!

And here is our 1983 Christmas tree! It was tiny and in a pot (and nearly buried under presents!) back then.

Happy Mum and Dad.
And the good old 3-cornered-jacks! I picked out more than 80 from each shoe!

ANZAC Day at the MCG

Time to catch up on my blog!

I recently had a wonderful nearly-3-weeks in Melbourne. It was a spontaneous visit inspired by homesickness and very worthwhile.

It began with a wonderfully Australian ANZAC Day at the MCG with Dad and Steve Hanslow. Dad managed to get us seats in the members stand, so my meat pie and sauce came on a plate with a knife and fork! (I had dreamt about that pie for many, many months...Mmmm!)
The pre-game entertainment was great. Here are the first of the parachutists falling onto the ground. You can see the first one is carrying the great Australian flag.
Then there was the army band, Wendy Matthews, some others I've already forgotten, and then the Last Post. I joined in the National Anthem heartily! It's good to be Australian.
The game result wasn't so cheering but it was a great day despite that. You can see that we all had a good time.