12 September 2007

Victor preaching

This is Victor preaching in a Karen village church about 2 hours from Chiang Mai. (That's on a motorcycle on bad, mountain roads.)
As one of his responsibilities at our church he goes once a month to visit the villages in this area. He preaches, encourages, takes medicines (it's a long walk to the nearest doctor so villagers tend to go without basic medication), cuts children's hair, prays, and generally helps out however he can.
I'm not sure why these photos ended up in one like this but I thought it looked great so I'm sharing it with you.


gretta at lothlorien said...

The repeated pics have a kind of Medieval look - stained glass windows. What great work, Victor.

baker st jones said...

yes, God bless you and your work there


baker st jones said...

Really proud of you, Rachel & Victor, love TOM

sam and becca said...

rach - it's so lovely seeing all of these and getting a taste of your life there. hope the kindegarten exam goes well! i'm sure you'll do brilliantly with all those beautiful characters.
love becca

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Thank you all. It's so great to come here and read your comments and feel CONNECTED! I'm very proud of Victor too. He really does amazing work.
I'm pretty amazed with my Thai writing too (and it's such fun! i must get another picture to show you an update.) but my work is generally much more domestic than Victor's. I like to think I support him well.
Thank you each for your support of us.
love Rachel