11 January 2008

Visiting Victor's parents (end of Oct)

These are some pictures from our visit to Victor's village when Auntie Lucy was here. It was also Bee's last day in Chiang Mai before she returned to Australia so she came with us.
Ranee gave A Lucy the beautiful cloth she's holding. Ranee made it herself.
This is in the kitchen of Victor's parents' house. It was built a couple of years ago when they cement-blocked in the understorey of a wooden house-on-stilts.
James (Victor's nephew), Victor, Roman, Rachel, Bee and Ranee.

Isn't this beautiful? You can see where Victor gets his smile from!


frogs friend said...

Hey yes indeed you can see where the smile comes from , much love shared produces much love given

gretta at lothlorien said...

How beautiful. I do miss you both v much - that smile reminds me so of V. Much love

Megs said...

very very beautiful ... and your smile is like that too Rachel...

Mark H said...

Hi Rachel & Victor

Tara and I are coming to Thailand for a holiday next week and are planning on heading up to Chiang Mai for 4 or 5 days (I think we arive on the 19th of Feb)

Just wondering you if you could point us in the right direction of the Chaing Mai things to do (already booked a cooking class and elephant conservation park trip)

Maybe if you're free we could catch up while we are there?

Our email is markhandtarad@hotmail.com

Mark Hanslow