4 April 2008

I love our land!

Last night we were at our land until quite late (trying to sort out the electricity). As I walked towards the car to leave I saw the huge night sky and my good friend Orion! How wonderful! It's not quite as good as the Australian night sky but I look forward to getting to know all the unfamiliar bits.
And then, I thought I saw a shooting star out of the corner of my eye. But when I turned to look it flashed again. And again. And again. A firefly! We have fireflies! I'm so glad!
I first saw fireflies 14 years ago on my first visit to Thailand with Tom.
This is the view from our bedroom. I'm starting to get very excited about really living here every day. We had heavy rain a few days ago and strong wind so the air has been very clean. Hence the good views and clear night sky.


sam and becca said...

that view is INCREDIBLE! just imagine what that will do to the soul everyday?!

baker st jones said...



Megs said...

Oh my gosh Rachel I LOVE fireflies!! I first saw them in Uganda, and then the East Coast of the USA - they're like faeries, oh so magical and wondrous! I can't wait to see the fireflies when we visit you one day!
My love to Victor!
I would love to hear all about the amazing work you are doing teaching bargirls English, and about the organisation you are working for.

Much love

baker st jones said...

Wow rach, great view, v exotic

Jenny said...

Are fireflys actually beetles?

Jenny said...

Sorry. I can't believe my bad spelling.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Hi all! I hope you will all get to see the view with your own eyes one day!
Jenny, you're right: they are beetles. And you've inspired me...
Megan, you're right about fireflies being like faeries - same and I were discussing last night (on skype) the surprise we both felt on first seeing fireflies and realising they are REAL!
I'll put a post up about my work. I can't put photos of the girls though so I'll have to think about about what to put... but thanks for the suggestion. (btw, I don't teach them English. I teach them life skills, and I do counselling with the staff.)

gretta at lothlorien said...

Megan actually first saw fireflies in Arco in Nth Italy, in 1975, summer. Ilove the arched windows, Rach

baker st jones said...

yes, the arched windows v cool. do they like them in thailand? or someting u esp wanted...it is all so very exciting


Megs said...

I'm glad you told those who want them to remain as faeries not read on Rachel dear!!!! (I didn't read on!)