29 May 2008

The Farm

How wonderful to visit the farm. It's such an amazing place. Being there I felt that it is the real world and that everything and everywhere else is the distraction. Such complete peace.

This is the tree I planted when I was about 8. I remember being amazed the first visit when the tree was taller than me. Now it's a huge grove!

And here is our 1983 Christmas tree! It was tiny and in a pot (and nearly buried under presents!) back then.

Happy Mum and Dad.
And the good old 3-cornered-jacks! I picked out more than 80 from each shoe!


gretta at lothlorien said...

It is good to have you blogging again. And nice that you concentrate on trees - I usually put up pics of the renovations. Actually,we are v pleased with the growth of the trees we planted on LSL in 2000, and are going up on the long w/e to plant a grove of wattles, callistemon etc at the front, near your grevillea. Much love, Mum

sam and becca said...

Pip, it is so wonderful to see these. How great you had the opportunity to go to Aus, excellent. I love the photos of the farm. Such a dramatic landscape.
Love you.

gretta at lothlorien said...

Auntie Lucy rang last night, very excited to have seen your blog. She thinks your home wonderful. love

Megs said...

i love your description of the farm Rachel! The REAL place!
love you