22 November 2008

My birthday

Here are some pictures from my lovely birthday lunch. Seren came up, bringing beautiful tulips and scrummy homemade pasta for our feast.
Dessert was apricot crumble and ice-cream. YUM!

And all finished off with Mum's famous chocolate birthday cake!
It was great to celebrate with family... though Victor was missed. (He's got his visa now so he'll be here soon...)


gretta at lothlorien said...

Great to share your birthday, Rachel. Missed Victor.

Megs said...

Wondrous Hobbit Coming of Age Celebrations Rachel!

baker st jones said...

Happy Birthday Rach. Nice to have been there and to know the rooms the photos are in. love TOM.

sam becca and zach said...

how did you pop around there so quickly Pip? sorry to miss the celebrations. Great news about Victor! love sam

baker st jones said...

so sorry to miss your birthday rach - we have been mega busy and pretty sick over here...promise to have 2 presents next year!!



Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Thank you all!
Sam, I'm pretty clever with the self-timer!
Anita, don't worry at all. I hope you're all better now. And enjoying finally being all in the one place.