12 February 2009

for cousin Zach

Hi, Zach.
I loved looking at the video of you playing the guitar with your Dad.
Guess what... my Dad plays the guitar too!
I'm not clever like you yet, but I love to listen to my Dad. I can't wait to play the guitar with him!


sam becca and zach said...

Hello cousin David! Isn't it fun listening to the guitar. Let me tell you it'll be a lot of fun to join in when you're a bit bigger. I can't wait for us all to play guitar together one day! I love you. Zach

Megs said...

Eowyn and Coco say 'David and Zach, my daddy plays gee-tar too! he sings us james taylor songs to put us to sleep at night, and 'the day thou gavest' by grandma and 'the lord bless you', which they sang us at our farewell at ky...well, mummy and aunt rachel & co.'s farewell...