22 March 2009

nearly 3 months


sam becca and zach said...


B xx

sam becca and zach said...

sweet little boy!! he is an amazing mix of the two of you. love s

baker st jones said...

time is flying



Amy said...

Hi Rachel and Victor,

Its Amy here from Port Macquarie.

Just wanting to wish you both a HUGE congrats on the birth of Beautiful little David.

I can't believe its been that long since we've been in touch! we visited St Thomas' yesterday and saw the birth announcement.

He is a beautiful mix of both of you.

William is now nearly 2 (in june) and is a really bundle of energy who keeps us on our toes.

hope to hear from you soon.
my email is alcorrigan@gmail.com if you want to touch base.

Amy, Brian and William

gretta at lothlorien said...

I love that coy look he gets, as in the top pic. (How great to hear from Amy!!!!)

Megs said...

lovely to see you, dear David! Happy 3 month birthday!!!!!! We love you!

thingpad said...
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