21 July 2009

The Farm

(David has just started on a new form of his medication for reflux - the old one didn't seem to be helping. Last night he only woke 3 times and the night before only twice. Yay! And his daytimes have been happier, and his feeds better. Hopefully we've turned the corner.
Meanwhile, I'm feeling human again having had some sleep, so here I am again...)

Two weeks ago we had a lovely couple of nights at the Farm.
Here we are by the lake in Bendigo, with Niamh.
Getting ready to go for a walk...

...around the back: the lovely soft green on the ground is moss!! Can you believe it? There has been some good rain (though not drought-breaking yet.)

Enjoying the new wood fire heater. It warms the whole house in minutes!
David enjoying his bumbo! (and his great new pig from Rosy and Niamh.)


sam becca and zach said...

lovely to see little David, and great to hear his reflux is in the mend. Always good seeing photos of the farm - great fire upgrade. what is that pile of rubble by the water tank?

sam becca and zach said...

is that Rosie from London?.. over in Oz again - how lovely! and who is Niamh? Lovely fireplace, lovely David, cute pig. So glad you've had some good nights Rach - must be v encouraging!
love becca xx

Megs said...

HURRAH for this turn of corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can hardly believe we'll see you soon!

Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

The pile of rubble is firewood! (I had the same thought when I first saw it)

Yes, Rosie from London, visiting with her granddaughter, Niamh. David's had his first crush - he thinks Niamh is so beautiful. He shows off to impress her!

And yes, the good nights are very encouraging! We've just had another - one feed and one other brief wake. Yay!

baker st jones said...

Lovely to see the green and moss. You know my view is that drought is the wrong word, it's just a very dry part of a very dry country. With irrigation (and perhaps some unusually wet years) farming seemed sustainable for a while, but there is hardly centuries of farming history to look back on.