30 January 2010

Zoo 2

As you can probably tell, I'm not very clever at the layout on these blog posts. I'm yet to figure out how to have more than 5 photos per post. And getting the placement of words and pictures right seems to be beyond me.
But here are some more photos from our zoo trip on Thursday:

David in the butterfly house. (More interested in eating leaves than looking at the butterflies!)
The otters.
Enjoying the giraffes from up high...
...and the swamphens.
David thought they were fantastic because they came
right up close at morning tea time.
Benjamin in the butterfly house.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Darling David Nicholas. He seems to have Aunt Seren's glasses, at one point. Love Uncle Ben's deeply meditative look!!

Megs said...

Isn't it nice to all live in the same city! Thanks Rach for these great pics!

sam becca and zach said...

so wonderful loooking at these photos. Zach and I hvae just gone thru them and Z has named everyone in the photos very enthusiastically. its lovely looking at these and being familiar with the Zoo, we LOVED it. love you xxxx Sam