13 May 2010

David's 1st footy game!

Last Saturday we went to Etihad Stadium for David's 1st ever game of AFL. At first he was completely overwhelmed by the crowd, the size of the stadium, the noise...
...but pretty quickly he was joining in with the cheering and arm waving, and the "oh no!" with hand on head!
In the car on the way home David continued with the sounds of the crowd... "no, no, no...yeah!" He's such a good mimic!
The final score was disappointing but it was a great game and David loved it. He'll be back!


2harewood said...

lovely rach - pity about the result. Is that the 'docklands' stadium renamed with a bit of oil money? I've not been there yet. love TOM

Rachel J-L said...

yes, it's docklands. i've been there with the roof closed too - seems like a different stadium then. it's so steep, i found it a bit scary carrying David up and down those steps!

sam becca and zach said...

poor old bombers, not their season. it has also been called Colonial and Telstra stadium, previous sponsors.

gretta at lothlorien said...

He did look uncertain at first!! Even Dad's intense observation didn't help the Bombers. So funny about DN with hand to head and Oh no! love

Johno said...

David and David, or more Australianly, Grandad & Dave!

Good to see the next generation supporting the Bombers!

Hope you all had fun at the footy..