28 October 2010

London Family

We're already back in Australia and I didn't post a single picture on our trip! Sorry!

I'm going to do some now, beginning at the end. These are some from our last hours with our London family. We so enjoyed being with them and miss them very much!

Building towers with the duplo (which eventually spanned the room!):

The last dinner with the boy cousins:

Playing the piano with Uncle Sam ("UnSam" to David!):

Martha and Becca (Martha checking out Mum's drink...):

David's final farewell to Uncle Tom and Auntie Anita - or "UnTom" and "Nina":


gretta at lothlorien said...

Wonderful to share in this visit a bit through photos. David looks up high at photos in our lounge room, and smiles and says "Un Tom...Un Sam....Nina....Becca!"

gretta at lothlorien said...

Sorry, Rach - you already know that!!

2harewood said...

miss you guys!