13 November 2010

Christmas Parade

Today we went to the Myer Christmas Parade in the city. Mum managed to get us into the Telstra corporate seats so we had a fantastic view (as well as seats and showbags!)

It was a great parade: marching bands, belly dancers, Dorothy the Dinosaus, fire engines, and so much more!

David was very serious at first, taking it all in, then once he warmed up he clapped and waved and joined in the dancing actions all the way! His favourite bit was the drums!

As you can see it was a wet day but the rain held off for the whole actual parade time.

We're going to make it an annual event for us!


gretta at lothlorien said...

A great day - very Melbourne.

Megs said...

you're all darlings!

Benjamin Ady said...

Hoooray!!!!! I can't wait to get to play with David again!

sam becca zach and martha said...

excellent! how did mum manage to get the telstra seats? s

gretta at lothlorien said...

My great charm.

Jenny said...

Lol Gretta!

It looks like a great day Rachel.

Thanks for the gift. The papers are magnificent!!!