23 August 2011

For Zach

Dear Zach,

This is for you.

Do you remember the painting in my house that was done by an elephant? You liked it when you saw it on skype.

Here are some pictures of that very painting being done by an elephant named Thongperm. He was 5 years old. That's young for an elephant! You can see that Grandpa, Aunty Seren, David and I were all there watching.

That's my painting on the far left. The others are pretty good too, don't you think?


Megs said...

we have been singing the elephant song this evening at Eldamar, from Joan and Peter's little elephant whose singing part somehow got left in Sam's car in 2003...

'I may be slow, but when I go, you can feel the trembling beneath your to-o-oes! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm an ELEPHANT! I'm the biggest animal in the jungle!'

yes, this has become one of hte Ady family's childhood mantras!

sam becca zach and martha said...

This is wonderful, thanks Pip. I overheard Becca reading this to Zach earlier. So sweet.