21 May 2012

Healesville Sanctuary

David's kinder was closed for a staff development day, so we invited Grandma & Grandpa to come with us to Healesville Sanctuary. We had such a great day there. Here are some of the highlights...

How cute are these zebra finches, all snuggling each other! 
 Feeding the black cockatoo. David loved it but didn't want it on his arm!
 And was even less sure about the emu! (Fair enough!)
 The wombats were very active. Here they're fighting over some carrot.
 And the Tasmanian Devil was awake!
 This is David's photo of Grandma while we were waiting for the show in the flight arena.
 The resident wedge-tailed eagle nervously scanning the sky for the wild wedge-tailed eagle that swooped at this point in the show!
 After the show David was very keen to go and chat to the presenter...
 ...who was equally keen to chat with David!


sam becca zach and martha said...

These are brilliant Pip! I so rarely come onto the blogs these days it's nice to have a meander through yours. Love you both x sam

sam becca zach and martha said...

lovely [ics. love the crapman one - hilarous! becca x