18 December 2007

Baan Song Sawan Orphanage

Last week Victor and I took the children from Baan Song Sawan ("Shining House", or something close to that) Orphanage to visit the dentist.
The orphanage was begun about a year ago by a couple from our church for 25 Hmong children (one of the hilltribes), all primary school aged.
So 25 children and the 2 of us headed off in the church's 12-seater van! Victor led them in songs all the way - more than an hour by the time we found the place. Thankfully they are delightful children and sing beautifully!
They were a bit more subdued coming home 4 hours later, several having had tooth extractions done...
We didn't take any pictures (as we no longer have a camera), but this is one I took at the orphanage one evening when we visited.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Its so interesting - the things you are doing, with orphans to the dentist, and so many other things. Love Dad

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Hi Dad! I'm so glad to know you look at our blog!
Yes, life here certainly is interesting. I can enjoy that now.