18 December 2007

Our "new" car

In October we decided that our gas-guzzling car had to go. It was great but too expensive to run. And there's mostly just the 2 of us, after all.

So we found another smaller, cuter, (older) car to replace it. We can convert this car to LPG and it will be much cheaper to run. It's a great car with that wonderful old-car vinyl smell.

We intended to then sell the bigger car but found someone who wanted to rent it for a couple of months. Then today we've just handed it over to another visiting family to rent for 2 more months. How great!


sam and becca said...

groovy car!!

baker st jones said...

does victor negotiate the rental terms? Does he drive a hard bargin?

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

That's a light blue stripe down the side, by the way.
No, Victor is much too generous to drive a hard bargain. He always talks tough and then he meets the people and likes them so much he almost wants to let them have it free!