29 July 2008

text only, i'm afraid...

Since our computer was stolen I haven't been blogging as I can't add photos. I realise that this shouldn't have stopped me but the photos are always the best bit. How else can I show you where our house is at and how we're settling in?

Mum helped out a lot when she was here. The kitchen is finally finished and I have my BEAUTIFUL shelves, handmade by Victor! They had long been part of my vision for the kitchen and, although it took some time to convince Victor that they were a good idea, we got there in the end. I am enjoying them very much.

Our garden is developing beautifully too. One of our frangipani trees has flowered. And our fruit trees are all enjoying the constant heat and moisture of the wet season. We have mango, lamyay, pomelo (my FAVOURITE Thai fruit!), banana... that's all I can think of right now, though I'm pretty sure there's more than that. We also have lots of palm trees, coconut trees, fig trees, and 2 beautiful (still small) shade trees.

Please let me know if this is too much text to get through without pictures. Thanks if you've made it this far!


Mrs Pocknall said...

Can't wait to see some photos of those shelves.

I have never heard of pomelos. I will google them.

Have filled out the paperwork for Victor and will post it tomorrow.

ps: I am commenting with my school log in in case you were wondering about my formal title.

gretta at lothlorien said...

I could read 10 times as much, with or without pics. love

Megs said...

your writing is marvellous Rachel, and creates very evocative imagery!

baker st jones said...

have been waiting for more blogs from you rach - yes, the shelves sound great. it is always good to have plenty of storage in a kitchen


Megs said...

loved talking Rach, and hearing that he is so very active!
love m