18 September 2008

Auntie Nancie's visit

It's nearly a month since Auntie Nancie visited us. It was a wonderful 4-day visit. These are some of her photos...

On the balcony at our house with our magnificent view. (I should say "one of our magnificent views", for we have several.)
And this was on our visit to Victor's family in his village. From L-R: nephew Nat, nephew Cross, Me, A Nancie, Ranee, niece New, New's son, nephew Deewa, Roman.
(New and Deewa are brother and sister of James who was Victor's groomsman.)
And this is the waterfall close to Victor's village. I put this in for those of you asking for bump photos!


gretta at lothlorien said...

PHOTOS!!!! great to be able to see youagain, R,V&Bump

sam becca & zach said...

great to see bump!

is that an air conditioner i see in the top photo!?

Megs said...

lovely bump!

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

yes, that is an air conditioner - in our bedroom. In fact your wedding money helped buy it - do you remember you alocated for that?

It's a very necessary feature in our house, especially in the hot season. But we've used it pretty regularly through the rainy season too. Mostly to cool the room down before we sleep.

The weather is just beginning to give hints that the cool season is arriving. Yay!