4 September 2008

Dad's visit

We've just had Dad staying with us for a week. It was lovely to have him here and to have the opportunity to share our life in Chiang Mai with him.
He came with me to my work at Sunshine House, to my church and bible study, to Spaghetti Dinner. He visited my favourite coffee shop, my favourite Italian restaurant, my internet shop (where I'm sitting right now.)
And we did a fair smattering of tourist activities: the elephant camp, the hot springs, Doi Suthep (the big mountain next to Chiang Mai).
And we had lots of time in our home looking at photos, chatting, touring 'the estate' and eating yummy Victor-cooked meals.
I love having family here. It reconnects me with much of myself that gets faded at other times.


gretta at lothlorien said...

Dad did such a lot, in half the time I was there. Maybe I had more foot massages!

sam becca & zach said...

sounds wonderful. so glad it was a good time.

Megs said...

how lovely Rach! I know just want you mean about family visits reviving that which is usually faded!!!
love auntie megan!

gretta at lothlorien said...

I don't like to think we fade.