4 March 2008

3rd March

They are putting in place all the wooden cross beams which will form the main support of the upstairs floor.

And here you can see them putting in place one of the wooden upright beams. All the outer upright beams are cement but the 4 central uprights will be wooden. We bought a whole lot of wood 2nd-hand and this included 4 beams good for uprights. Btw, the bamboo is just support scaffolding. None of it will stay.
At the same time they are preparing the metal beams which will support the roof. This is Victor's brother, Chi, welding together 2 metal beams to make one long enough to stretch the length of the roof. We bought the welder as part of our payment for the team. They will be able to use it in their village. Whenever any building is done it's a communal effort so the welder will benefit the whole village. Chi has already made us a rake and a trivet from some left over bits of metal. He's very clever.
Victor's Mum was visiting yesterday. Here she is helping prepare dinner. (She asked me to take a photo of her!)


gretta at lothlorien said...

Wow! sounds rather repetitive, but I'm amazed at their skills. Good idea about the welder as part payment.

sam and becca said...

this is so exciting rachel. the house looks amazing... and quite big! can't wait to visit. becca x