17 March 2008

It's a house!

Last week was a busy week for us so we didn't get any blogging done. But the house was still growing and here's where it was at yesterday. I can now believe we will live there! The roof and external walls are all finished. Downstairs you can see the dining room in the front, the kitchen at the back, and a small bathroom will be in between. (That's it for downstairs.) Upstairs at this end of the house are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom in between.

The 3 palms on the left used to be outside Victor's home in his village but noone liked them very much so we have transplanted them to our land. I love them!
This is from the back of the house and shows our bedroom upstairs. You can see the view we will have to the mountains. Downstairs will just be open (the little bit of wall you can see was a mistake but we'll leave it there.)
Upstairs: our bedroom is at the right, the living area will be closest to the viewer, with 2 more bedrooms at the far end. Downstairs you can see the diningroom at the left.
When they finished putting on the roof they realised they had no way of getting down, so they had to lean across to the closest branch of the mango tree and climb down that way! I'm very glad that there have been no injuries so far!

This photo is taken from the open area under the house looking up into our bedroom. They haven't put the floor in yet.


sam and becca said...

wow!! It's brilliant! how exciting. b x

sam and becca said...

oh my goodness you guys its excellent! it looks like such a great place. who designed it?
love sam

gretta at lothlorien said...

I can't believe it!!! It's a house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gretta at lothlorien said...

Will that balcony around the top floor remain??

Jenny said...

It looks great. How long til completion?

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

We designed it together, with help from Victor's friend (who works desiging houses). It's basically just a big box-shape.
Yes, the balcony will remain - that was one of my touches. I'm very excited about it. The glass tiles in the main bathroom are my idea too - I'll have to put in a picture to show them more clearly.
I'm not sure how long to go... the end is in sight but the final bits could take a while (electricity, water tower, tiles, painting...) maybe 2 or 3 weeks?

baker st jones said...

wow rachel + victor, so quick!

baker st jones said...

looks wonderful