31 March 2008

It's starting to be beautiful...

Here is our house! You can see that the undercoat of paint is on. And the balcony is on the way to being completed. Victor's brother, Chi, is doing it all himself. We went with the cheapest way possible (that was still safe) and it's tuned out to look really lovely.
Today the ceiling is going in upstairs, and the bathroom is being tiled.
Slowly but surely we're getting there!
The garden is coming along too. Here is Victor planting our little Christmas tree...

...and our bottlebrush. This photo is taken from the kitchen window.

And this is looking out the front, upstairs window.


Our Red House said...

It looks great, Rachel. How exciting, to be building your own home.


sam and becca said...

man it is EXCELLENT! love it.
looking forward to bringing this clan across there soon :)
heaps of love, s,b&Z

baker st jones said...

it is inspirational rach, and has happenened so quickly - they are spending longer modernising the flat next door than it took to build your whole house!



gretta at lothlorien said...

It's beautiful. That white paint really does something. I love the style. love

Jenny said...

The balcony looks great.