3 March 2008

Us right now

Here we are right now at Bakerista, our favourite coffee shop in Chiang Mai. Victor is drinking iced Thai tea, I have strawberry tea. They have free wireless and great music and beautiful, comfy chairs.

We first came here on our first day in Chiang Mai (nearly one year ago) and we met Kit (below right) that day. He has become our friend. Last year he became a Christian and he has joined our church. He is from Burma and of the Shan people group. On the left below is Tik. He is becoming our friend.


sam and becca said...

how great! it looks so nice! looking forward to visiting you one day :)

gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes! When you say "our" Church, do you mean Thai Lanna, or your personal Home one??

sam and becca said...

looks like a lovely calm relaxing place. b x

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Thai Lanna. We don't have another yet. That will happen after we've moved some time.

Sue from Sydney said...

Hey Rachel, do you remember us (The Hamiltons from Parramatta)??You look so happy and very close to nature.Sue & Tony Hamilton xo