23 October 2008

Goodbye Chiang Mai...

This will be my last post from Chiang Mai (for now), though probably not my last of Chiang Mai - I've been taking lots of pictures in the last few days.
For a while now I've had a morning routine of doing 3 or 4 laps of our land as a start to the day. It's only about 10-15 mins (depending on how hot it already is!) but it means that at least I get some walking in each day. In the heat and humidity excercise is not easy.
One day I took the camera with me and photographed the lovely grass flowers that are everywhere. I took a lot more than this but I've still never figured out how to get more than 5 photos in the one post. So this will do for now. (I have to go and finish packing - trying to get it all under 20kg!)


baker st jones said...

Very pretty and calm in the photos, so it probably reflects how you want to feel rather than your sweaty reality.

gretta at lothlorien said...

Bon voyage, Rach!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin Ady said...

i love the butterfly says eowyn

the butterfly died and i loved the butterfly and goodbye and thank you butterfly says coco

love you rachel and thinking of you and victor and praying for you as you and bump fly off to oz says meg