27 October 2008

Hello from Melbourne!

Here I am, sitting at Mum and Dad's computer in Broadmeadows, with Tigger purring on my lap. (He's very happy. He had been wrongly informed that I wouldn't have a lap for him!)
No pictures yet but thought I'd post anyway. Now I can use the internet every day! Such a luxury!

I'm very much enjoying the cooler weather and lack of humidity. I feel quite normal - a bit stretchy but not all stiff and swollen.
So far I've only seen Mum, Dad and Seren, but that has been wonderful. We all watched "Lars and the real girl" last night. I highly recommend it.


frogs friend said...

welcome back .... good to know that you are settling in

sam becca and zach said...

We really enjoyed that film too. so lovely.. and surprisingly moving eh.

hope you enjoy being back at home. must be so nice to be coooler!

b xx

baker st jones said...

hooray - how was the trip? and, thnx for cmas pressies....they arrived already



Jenny said...

Hello. Back in Australia!! Yay!
I'm sure Tigger would find a spot to snuggle, no matter what.

I have not heard of that movie (??). Must look it up at the local DVD store.

Jenny said...

PS: When is your due date. I would like to come down, without kids first, and then arrange a meeting with all. I talked to Andrew about just Lauren and I coming down, but it was decided there would be an uproar.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Becca, yes, an amazing mix of incredibly moving and hilariously funny.

Anita, the trip was horrible. Actually CM to Singapore was great but from Singapore to Melbourne was terrible. I was stuck in between people and the service was terrible. No one helped with anything. I just sat and cried! But with each night's sleep I'm recovering a bit more...

Jenny, due date is Christmas Day. Makes visiting a bit awkward, I realise, though maybe after Christmas is a good time. I'm hoping he comes a bit before Christmas, but we have to wait and see!