16 October 2008

Sunshine House

Yesterday was my last teaching session at Sunshine House. And I have only 2 more days of counselling. (I'm flying out on the 24th.)

My teaching is part of the Life Skills Program to the target group of women connected with prostitution. I teach on self-esteem and relationship topics. For the last few months I've been teaching in Thai, which has been a great challenge but much appreciated by the women. Most of them are from hilltribes so often their Thai is not very good either.

As well as the Life Skills Program (which includes training in computer skills and Thai language) the women are taught jewellery making and sewing. Sales from their produce provide their income while they are with us.

I haven't included any pictures of the women, not because they are in hiding, and most certainly not because they didn't want them taken - some of them are such posers! But their lives are complicated. Some don't have full legal status in Thailand yet (coming from Burma), some have ex-partners who could cause trouble, and so on. So it's easier just to keep things simple.

I'm very sad to be leaving this job. It's been the best job I've ever had. I hope I'll be able to return to it when we return to Chiang Mai in a couple of years.

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sam becca and zach said...

wow - it sounds wonderful and they make such beautiful things! i wear the necklace you sent ALL the time (well, until zach became quite keen on pulling on any necklace i wear - it's hard to wear them for the time being).

very cool old sewing machine. i don't think i'd know how to use one of those.

what a great job! i can imagine you were very good at it.

there was a programme about London last night and we just saw a little bit of it and the focus for Streatham (where we live) was the large number of prostitutes. to be honest we're kind of glad to be leaving this area now that we have Zach and want him to grow up in slightly nicer surroundings.