31 October 2008

Olinda Falls

Yesterday I went with Mum and Dad for a walk through the beautiful Australian bush at Olinda Falls.
It was so beautiful to be back amongst gum trees and ferns, with sulfur-crested cockatoos, parrots and kookaburras!
Afterwards we relaxed with tea and scones at the Miss Marple Tea House at Sassafras. (Isn't that a great name?)


sam becca and zach said...

lovely pics, I love the Australian bush. I think I've been there and to that tea room with people from church in Melbs.

loving the new blog design too, good one! now, can you get the folks set up with skype so we can get using that?? love us 3 xxx

sam becca and zach said...

wow your blog looks AMAZING Rach - beautiful! i'm v impressed. love b x

gretta at lothlorien said...

Yes, skype is the next project, once my work dries up. I should be avoiding the cream teas, by the look of me in that photo. Great kookaburra shot, Rach.

Megs said...

oh Rachel, what beauty! evocative! i can just imagine the aromas of those gum trees!
with love, and best best wishes,

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

I wish I could take credit for my new blog design, but I must be fair and say:
THANK YOU Jenny! I love it!

How great to have such a clever friend.