4 January 2009

In the hospital

Here are some pictures from our time in the hospital.

Our dear boy with his feeding tube (which he only had for a couple of days) and his claw (which he had the whole time.)
Having his antibiotics put in through his "claw" drip. This happened 4 times a day and when they did it slowly and gently he could sleep through it.
Talking with Grandpa (whose head was red from his day at the MCG for the Boxing Day cricket!) and Dad.Listening to Grandma singing.Sleeping peacefully with one of his favourite comforters - fingers in the mouth.


Philippa said...

He is just so peaceful and gorgeous!xx

baker st jones said...

david nicholas looks very with it for a newborn (in the one w gretta), also being able to suck fingers v impressive

i remember eddie's claw too...he'd wear a baby sock on it and try to suck it


sam becca and zach said...

sweet little David! We love you!
We're just back from holidays and look forward to keeping up to date with pics of the little fella.
Lots of love Uncle Sam, Auntie Becca and cousin Zach.

Victor and Rachel J-L said...

Oh yes, I remember Eddie's sock-covered claw. I think David has been sucking his fingers for many months. When his claw first went on he was most upset that he couldn't fit it in his mouth. But he pretty quickly found his left hand.

And thank you for noticing that he's so alert. (I'm very proud of him!)