7 January 2009

A lion for Coco!

Coco, look who I found! He even has a real mane! (and fierce looking teeth...)


sam becca and zach said...


ps. you need to change the heading on your blog!

baker st jones said...




Victor, Rachel and David J-L said...

I want to change the heading!
Jenny, if you're reading this, please change the heading for me!
(I did try I'm not clever enough to know what to do. I need my blog-makeover friend!)

Benjamin Ady said...

Coco says 'thank you so much to Victor the lion!'

David said...

Rach-I love all your pictures!!

Saleel said...

Hi, Nice blog yours!
Any interest in exchanging blogroll links?
If so, please make a comment on my blog
I will add your blog to my blogroll first, then you can add me

Annie said...

love all the photos. are you still planning any expeditions up north? Alice likes the ducky towel.