27 January 2009

David's 1 month party

On Sunday we had a party at Seren's house to celebrate one month of David's life.Here little David is with another David (who was the one who had the idea for the party and who provided the wonderful lunch. Thank you David!)

David had a wonderful time with his family and friends.

The champagne toast in David's honour.
Here David is being held by Elvira, Aunt Seren's friend, who is on her way to becoming a midwife. She'll be great!


frogs friend said...

David Nicholas may you learn to discern between teams Sysney swans colours suit you more little man .
lol and hugs Marita

Megs said...

No no, he looks far better in red and black! Lovely party to celebrate our lovely nephew! And grand to see Seren's home...